I’m so excited to announce that Bel and Riot will be coming to Audio! Tantor Media picked up the Audiobook rights to Ravenwood Mysteries.

Here’s a bit about the narrator for the series

“A stage and voice actor, Sarah Mollo-Christensen received her BA from Dartmouth College and graduated from the Atlantic Theater Company’s Acting Conservatory in New York City. As an actress, she has appeared on prestigious regional stages, including the Folger Shakespeare Theatre in Washington D.C. Sarah enjoys finding the humor and depth in the stories she narrates, and according to AudioFile magazine, “hits the awkward moments and the sweet with equal sensitivity.” In addition to audiobooks, her narration can be heard on several episodes of public radio’s This American Life.”

From the Ashes will be released on January 30, 2018. In the meantime, you can listen to an audio clip of Tim and Riot talking about the case. Click play to listen.


I’m always on the lookout for unique mysteries to share with my readers. What’s more unique than a historical mystery set in the final years of Moorish Spain or an autistic detective in London? And if you like your mysteries a bit more modern, follow a twisting trail as Special Agent Tom Sheils desperately searches for an abducted girl in San Francisco.


His only chance to save a young girl’s life is to put his trust in a headline-hunting kidnapper.

Former reporter Scott Fleetwood and his family are still recovering from the aftermath of tangling with the notorious kidnapper, the Piper, when another kidnapper grips the city. The Shepherd announces to the San Francisco Independent that he has snatched a young girl from a vacationing family. Other than money, he has only one other demand—he’ll only talk to Scott. The request brings in Special Agent Tom Sheils and his team to work the case and watch over Scott. The Shepherd promises the girl’s safety as long as Scott follows the rules of his game. Forced to trail the kidnapper’s twisting lead—and haunted by a previous victim he failed to save—Scott is desperate to keep the past from making a brutal comeback. But just when Scott and Sheils think they’re winning and that it will all be over soon, the Shepherd ups the stakes. Scott begins to realize he’s a pawn in a scheme that runs deeper than greed…and colder than death.

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What price a man’s soul?

Summoned to attend the Spanish Queen, English surgeon Thomas Berrington discovers Sevilla in turmoil. Plague ravages the city, and the Inquisition takes both innocent and guilty alike. Amongst this chaos Thomas must investigate a series of killings where two victims are taken together, but for what reason? Seeking his help is an old enemy, but can a man change so much? Thomas has to decide whether to trust or not, and if he makes the wrong decision his own life may be forfeit. When the eunuch Jorge joins him, events take on a new urgency as the killer’s attention turns toward Thomas and his friends. Only by risking the life of a woman he loves can Thomas succeed, but is he willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if his plan fails? The Inquisitor is the fifth installment of the Thomas Berrington Historical Mysteries set in the final years of Moorish Spain.

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A bad review could kill you…

WORDS ARE TRICKY THINGS. A heart-felt compliment can make you feel fabulous but a blast of anger can wound deeply. They can even kill. This gripping short story features a fresh outing for autistic detective Jonathan Roper. He’s called in when a world-famous critic is found murdered in his London penthouse. As Roper soon discovers, the critic was uncompromising with his opinions, willing to beat-up the biggest stars of stage and screen if he felt they failed to deliver and his legion of fans loved his honesty. Which gained him a formidable cast of enemies. All Roper has to do is work out which of his many, many enemies had the determination to see him dead. To Kill A Critic is the latest story of the unique partnership between Roper and DCI Brian Hooley.

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